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Everyone seems to be a videographer these days. It's non-stop uploads of clips to social media that keeps the World entertained! But when you're ready to show the World WHO you are, WHAT your business is and WHY someone should be using your product or services, that is when you need to consider a higher level of video production!

We will discuss goals, scripting, and even the eventual platform for your video to identify the needs of your production and prepare the appropriate equipment and team to accomplish the task. It could be as simple as a compilation of existing materials to create a video that tells a quick story. Or it may involve finding locations, searching talent, and selecting the right crew to create your production. Either way (and all points in between) we want to make it a masterpiece!

Our goal is to give you choices. If budget is your key point, we have a solution! If you want a full studio production, we have a plan for that as well! Whether you want to create a social post, a Broadcast production, or a dynamic corporate video, we have the answer!

Jim Hern strives to be the best creative agency in ohio and has the experience to help create a strategy that works for you, your company and your future!

Let's talk about YOUR company and how we can determine those next steps!

Contact us today to get started!

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