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Jim-Hern-Marketing Specialist

From Creative Marketing to Custom Artwork, it is all about  "pleasing the crowd" 
So everything that I do is about performance!

Be it analytical - measuring by detailed calculations of results, or purely emotional - through an event gauged by the size and reactions of the audience. It all comes down to getting results!

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Creative Services

So, if you are searching for an Event Director, a Creative Artist, an IT Specialist (Innovative Thinker), or a CG specialist (Creative Guru), seek no further! I can be found right here answering challenges that have perplexed curious minds for ages! Just as an FYI, I create, design and publish all of my own digital properties, including this website. If you'd like to know about where I came from and how I got here, please feel free to explore my personal story page.


I'll start from an empty stage (or a blank slate) and take you to "WOW!"

So, can you afford me? The question. is "Can you afford NOT to talk with me!" The talk is free, and if you are wondering about my pricing, each and every client has a unique need, so I adapt to those situations. Just have a look at some possible fee structures that just may work for you, your product or service and your future!

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