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Creative Custom Artwork by Jim Hern

Custom Creative Productions

Some call it "Art" but I like to call it "Creations" because each project is unique and created from individual inspiration and directions. I can show you things that have been created and let you know that there are no limits! Although it is next to impossible to showcase all that I do, from writing and music, to art and events, I will always give my best of talents, strengths and passions to each and every project that I approach! This is just a simple gallery of some of what I can offer.
Contact me to discuss your needs and for more samples.

Barn on Slate

Paint & Illustration

From slate to canvas, and all points in between, I can produce desired pieces on any surface, be it an existing item, or something lost to just photos and memories, I will find a way.




Understanding photography is one thing. Seeing the composition is everything else! Let the camera capture the moment, but to find the right shot, you'll need the "EYE" to accomplish that! I am I share!



Set Design

For product placement, or just to capture an emotion, I can build and create the scene that will allow a story to be told! Time period, lifestyle, or just because, I can create it!


Veterans Ride.JPG

Events & Shows

From small gatherings to enormous events, it takes nerves of steel to facilitate some of these, but more importantly, it takes experience, knowledge and relationships! After 30+ years, I have them all! SEE MORE...


Laser & Wood

Hand-carving is tedious but rewarding! Laser cutting and engraving takes wood-working to an entirely different level! I will help you find the shape, style and purpose of whatever you need!



I've gained respect for things that I do because I CARE! When I take ownership of a project, be it event production, or creative concepts, I want to put my signature on it! To me, that is the BEST thing that a person can offer!

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