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Digital Video Editing Timeline

Pricing & Fees

Categories & Production Packages

These estimates of time and pricing varies based on each individual project.

Timelines may overlap by project:


• Logo development - 7-10 business days

• Branding Package - 7-10 business days. These are the elements that you will use for the visuals of your company in any marketing materials. It will include logo, color specifications, fonts and images, and a guideline for how your images should (must) be used in different applications.

• Printed materials - with all content available, the design can be accomplished within two weeks. Printing will be determined by the company selected to perform services and typically takes 2-weeks.

•Website may take anywhere from 2-weeks to 30 days (or more) depending on apps, and levels of interactivity required. An initial "HOME PAGE" site can be up as soon as URL is transferred to host account which can be as short as 3 days!

•Social accounts can be created immediately, but I highly suggest that you create the branding package first.

• Promotional Materials - This can be anything from coffee mugs, keychains, etc., to vehicle stickers for both service vehicles or show/performance cars. These can all be completed as needed and each item may require 2-weeks for production and shipping...plan accordingly


I work in whatever way is best for you. I can provide these possible avenues of execution:


1.) Consultation Services at an hourly rate. This will be structured a lot like our initial meeting where we would discuss your needs, potential issues and obstacles, and viable options to complete tasks derived fro that conversation. Then use the market conditions and connections to align you with product, services and implementation of those items. I charge $110 for the first hour of consultation and $75/hour thereafter.


2.) Directorial Position with an agreed upon retainer for the time period assigned to given projects. In this scenario, I actually become a liaison for you. I evaluate the project, submit a list of potential suppliers to produce said project and work directly with production groups, agencies and outside services to accomplish your assigned goals. This is generally a retainer of $2500/month


3.) Production Agency with an agreed upon retainer plus project costs and any third-party services required. There will be an agreed amount of tasks to complete and each one will be documented at mutually agreed intervals. In this option, I provide design services, web development, social posting and video editing of provided content. Any additional fees will be presented in a timely manner. Of course all costs will be submitted prior to execution and no project will be entered without your knowledge, acceptance and approval. This will assign me as your Agency of Record and involves a signed agreement and is $3500/month


4.) By Project - If there is a desire for items in these lists as "A La Carte" and you would want to hand-select projects, I offer a flat rate of $125/ hour for services rendered regardless of their nature.

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