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Painting & Illustrations

Projects come in many shapes and sizes. All are absolutely one-of-a-kind! There are many needs and wants, and sometimes you don't even know WHAT you want. That's where I come in. I can help you find the exact item to satisfy your particular situation.



Choose a Passion

A vintage motorcycle, an old barn, maybe a favorite waterfall scene. You choose it, an I will get to work producing a one of a kind piece that you will own forever! This 1955 Harley-Davidson is painted with oil on 100-year old slate!


Murals and Illustrations

Murals can be whimsical, historic, or simply decorative. Whatever the need , let me show you how it can change ANY wall into a piece of art that is certainly a conversation starter!

Self Portrait Mural


Painting from reference

When you have old photos, you can store them. But why not bring them to life through a custom illustration? The reference materials allow me to do s=deeper research for a more authentic representation of the original image!


Sketch and Post

A very popular style of performing art! Choose the item, I draw it, film it in a time-lapse, and then post it to social media. A great gift idea for someone that has EVERYTHING!

GPTempDownload 2_edited.jpg
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