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Painting & Illustrations

Projects come in many shapes and sizes. All are absolutely one-of-a-kind! There are many needs and wants, and sometimes you don't even know WHAT you want. That's where I come in. I can help you find the exact item to satisfy your particular situation.

Vintage Harley-Davidson painting on slate

Choose a Passion

A vintage motorcycle, an old barn, maybe a favorite waterfall scene. You choose it, an I will get to work producing a one of a kind piece that you will own forever!


This 1955 Harley-Davidson is painted with oil on 100-year old slate!

Lilly Farrow painting

Painting from reference

When you have old photos, you can store them. But why not bring them to life through a custom illustration? The reference materials allow me to do s=deeper research for a more authentic representation of the original image!

Vintage Criscraft Boat illustration

Custom Production

Choosing the material for your individual production is as important as the subject! The choice to have your specific item to be on canvas, wood or even 100-year-old slate can really help to make your production extremely special and unique!

Murals, Sketches and Illustrations

Murals can be whimsical, historic, or simply decorative. Whatever the need , let me show you how it can change ANY wall into a piece of art that is certainly a conversation starter!

Self Portrait Mural

Art Lessons

I apply my education from Columbus College of Art & Design and decades of experience to allow others to learn what I know about art! I produce shorts for my YouTube channel that allows others to see what I do. It also opens the door to private lessons. Subscribe to my channel to view all of the "shorts" as they are uploaded.

Sketch and Post

A very popular style of performing art! Choose the item, I draw it, film it in a time-lapse, and then post it to social media. A great gift idea for someone that has EVERYTHING!

Indian Motorcycle timelapse drawing
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