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Events & Shows

Events require tireless attention to detail! Your goal may be to reward people, it might be designed to attract people, it may even serve as an introduction. to your product or service. Whatever the case may be, you need the same result...success! Now let's figure out that goal!


My entertainment history has permitted me to have relationships with incredible places! It takes a GREAT venue and a FANTASTIC attraction! I put them BOTH together and make the excitement happen!

Veterans Ride draws a crowd

Passion Events

Coordination of an event can be overwhelming. But if you have been doing it for three decades, it becomes second nature. People who LOVE a particular item like music, sports, or any item of passion are the most responsive. But they also have the highest expectations for what they get at an event! Let's put that together and create a satisfied group of passionate followers!

Events with IMPACT

I have been extremely fortunate to be involved with producing events with impact. Arranging appearances, marketing the event, scheduling venues and even creating engaging promotional opportunities! It requires such an incredible team to make this happen! Every team needs a leader with experience.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Expo and trade show


It's all about the "experience" for the visitor and the performer! The venue is as important as the performer! In addition to that, you must have the right vendors that work with the performers and the venue alike! Putting all of these elements together in a way that makes it good for ALL involved is the secret to success!

Carnivals & Festivals

Anyone that has worked with a festival knows that there are so many aspects that need to be attended to in order to ensure a quality event. Identifying the needs of each individual event allows us to get creative with ideas and activities that attract the right group of people to your location!

Carnivals and festivals in Ohio

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