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We have helped clients from retail groups, to shows and events, and even start-ups with getting their name seen, heard, recognized and branded!


The creative message is the most important part of any story! We like to build that story!


Be it a full production or creating something from a stack of photos and video clips, we can make it happen!

Media Bu

From concept to production, we can help design logos, materials, marketing strategies, and even event plans!


Decades of experience with multiple industries, helps me to provide a depth in creative marketing and advertising solutions.

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Jim Hern Productions has been operating since 1983 as a resource for advertising, marketing, promotions, event production and creative consultation. Beginning in the early 80's as a freelance graphic designer, and making steps into the retail advertising field as a creative director and media consultant, I have evolved to a strong network of resources over the years. I have embraced technology and changes in media, and capitalized on it to escalate clients in all stages of advertising and marketing. 

Along the way, I have met, and worked with many incredible people and agencies in the industry, both in production and with media outlets. These connections are what sets me apart from other agencies. If I can execute all necessary functions, then I will do just that! If there is a need to incorporate other groups or entities, I will facilitate that as well. This allows me to build a unique process for every single client!


My studio is located in Central Ohio, but we have worked with clients all over the United States.  Our clients include Home Builders, Auto Dealerships, Motorcycle Dealerships, Restaurants, Pet Products, Fitness, Film Festivals, RV & Boat Industry and countless shows and events!  New Product Launches and Creative Media Strategies are also in the list of services offered.

I will personally evaluate the needs of your company and guide you in the direction that I feel will best suit your needs. I look at what your goals are, offer suggestions of execution, then I can align you with the proper entities and build the team to help achieve exactly what is required to reach the goals that we have discussed together.


We specialize in finding resolve for YOU!

Doing Jigsaw Puzzle


My name is Jim Hern. Master of putting pieces together!

I love to study human behavior and to watch how they react to messages, images and events. I take that information and put it all together to build a picture of  what should be the next step for you, your company, and your success.! 

I have been blessed with a life of imagination, excitement, fun and success! Those that I have learned from have taught me to share my enthusiasm with others, be it personal, or professional.

So that is why I am here!

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My Story

Immediately following college in the mid 1980's, I hit the ground running with passion, energy and creative enthusiasm.

I had the great fortune of meeting the right people at the right time. It seemed that someone was always there to guide me, and I was always there to learn! I have always been "hungry" to learn something new.


Starting as an illustrator and graphic designer, I quickly adapted to photography, and then videography and video editing. I found myself reaching for whatever was next. I eventually became a creative events director and embraced all forms of marketing, promotions and advertising production. 


I was fortunate to have clients that had the desire to utilize my skills frequently, which allowed me to expand my industry knowledge, and gain more experience and relationships with every passing year!

As I progressed in the creative advertising field, I combined my thirst for production, with my desire to deliver the right message to the right person. I have always been fascinated with consumer behavior, and analytics, so because of that, I started measuring results of different messages to different people. So, I entered into the media industry and took on media buying and strategic placement.


It was a thrill to watch the results change, based on the style of the ad, the colors used, the volume of the message, and the type of media used. The correct message to a receptive audience makes all of the difference! FINDING the right audience and doing it efficiently is the challenge! That's why you have to be aware of, and UNDERSTAND the different types of media available. I began to evaluate the results found with different approaches on different platforms. It all had to make sense and be affordable to the client...and it had to be at the right price to fit within the budget of each client. Some of which were enormous, while most were not!


I have been an early-adopter in technology. As we have all experienced the technology boom over the past couple of decades, the future holds even MORE changes, or as I call them "Opportunities." The secret is to measure the results, study the analytics and avoid what "misses" and replicate what "hits!" But I plan to be there when something new arrives, and I will investigate each opportunity to see how that it might help my clients.

From traditional and conventional media, to podcasting, vlogging,  social media, and streaming services, consumers are getting their entertainment, sports, and news from a variety of sources. Events are playing a key role in reach these audiences too! 
My job is to Identify the most accurate "bridge" between a product or service, and the consumer. Then to create a message or event that will effectively reach that consumer. Then, finally execute that strategy that allows for the best value in delivering that desired message precisely to the end user.

I realize that all of these "lessons" can be shared with others, without worrying about giving away trade secrets, because you need the experience, knowledge and passion to make it all come together!


So that is why I decided to start utilizing my abilities to help others achieve their goals. Let me know if I can help you reach yours!

On a personal note

I enjoy illustration, painting and carving, I also enjoy playing my guitar, I am fascinated with History,  I own a classic 1968 Mustang, I really enjoy riding motorcycles, I can't get enough nature, I love traveling, I am enthralled with technology, and most importantly, I continue to learn a seek knowledge!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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