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Models & Sets

Projects come in many shapes and sizes. All are absolutely one-of-a-kind! There are many needs and wants, and sometimes you don't even know WHAT you want. That's where I come in. I can help you find the exact item to satisfy your particular situation.

Vintage railroad yard


Dimensional Builds

Constructing items based on unique specifications is a fun challenge! Tell me about a place, and I will see how we can build it! Miniature dioramas to full scale sets. It is all within reach!


Product shots

Product often times just need presented in a different manner. This give us creative freedom to place and shoot in a way that matches your needs.

Product shots dinnerware
Location scout


Location Scout

If you're looking for that perfect setting for a film production, photo shoot or just for inspiration, let my extensive travel background assist in helping you locate it!

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