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Event Production

All too often, businesses are challenged with creating an audience where there is seemingly none! In this age of social impact and dissolving loyalties, a company NEEDS to stay engaged with their customer base!

Events are one of the ONLY way to reach many customers. Events are the BEST way to show those customers who you are and what you can offer them! Some creative ideas can help set you apart from your competition.


The questions of HOW and WHEN to do an event are always brought up first, but then you need to look at WHO and WHY as well! Those are the descriptive terms that will guide you through the creation of a successful event!

Determining the physical space, facilities, activities, groups and the schedule of events are just the beginning! The rest is a complex path of strategic relationships, experience, and the ability to identify what works best with each individual scenario. Follow that with a Marketing Plan, Media, and Promotions and you have yourself a path to a great event for you, AND your customer!


Where do you start? Right here! 

Call me for a FREE initial conversation to determine what your next steps should be! You can also email me to start a dialogue if you prefer.

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