How do you see creative? See with your mind!

June 23, 2018

I get to create things. I get to think in abstract way so that it can make sense to others. To me, it just comes natural, but I have often been asked "How do you think of these things" and I can only respond that I just see things differently.


Really, it's that simple, and it has given me special insight on many things that are otherwise invisible to most!


When most people see a painting, be it abstract, impressionistic, surreal, Renaissance-style or even photo realism, they see objects, people, scenes, and sometimes familiar locations.


When I see a painting, I ask myself HOW it was made. ! see the brushes, tools and even the strokes that the artist used to make the painting. They're not in front of me. I just "see" them with my mind. I feel the artists struggles with angle, direction, texture and pressure. I can even sense the emotion and inspiration that they use to build their masterpiece.


The end result is the same thing for everyone though, seeing a beautiful painting. But what it took to get there may be up for interpretation and is based on HOW you see things.


The same thing goes for many things.


See a skyscraper.

A building "looks" beautiful and majestic, but do you see the actual building, or the process by how it got here? It really depends on how FAR you want to go back. Like, why was the building even suggested in the first place? Do you see the construction teams? Do you see the planning and blueprints spread out on a table? Maybe you see discussions of local engineers discussing permits. What about the financial end of the project? Who put up the cash to build this incredible structure and WHY?!


See a concert.

Who put up all of those chairs? How are the lights hung and where are they controlled? Who told all of these people about this performance? Why would these people wait in line for this? Where is the Band before the show? What's the easiest way to get everyone out at the end of the show? Who is responsible for the songs that will be played? How much does it cost for the stage hands and security? Will the audience get what they came for and want more?


See a garden.

Who wanted this particular plant? Was the tilling done in the direction of watershed? How far apart are the rows and can the hoe get between the plants for weeding? What kind of critters can get in and eat the crop?


See an advertisement.

Where was this produced? Did they need special access? How can they make it look so good? What is the message? Who is the audience? Does it achieve its goal? How can it be better? Why did they do it "that" way?


I look at EVERYTHING with a million questions. The answers are open for interpretation but asking "how" and "why" it gets me closer to making things work and understanding the purpose. I have to create an idea that has a good result for ALL involved. I have to consider multiple outcomes and scenarios that may effect the project. I have to think of ways to give someone a message and encourage a reaction without being able to see them! I have to stitch ideas together and make sense of them to a person that I will never meet! I do all of this with hyper focus by closing my eyes and asking questions!


THAT is just the beginning!


HOW do YOU see things? Close your eyes and ask questions. You might be surprised what you see!


Look deeper and you will find yourself in the "creative" world!


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How do you see creative? See with your mind!

June 23, 2018

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