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Which came first? The Chicken or the Event?

Many people have told me that they are afraid, or"chicken" to do an event. They say "There is too much planning," or "I don't know how to do it," and "I'm not sure where to start!"

The best way to DO an event, is to first HAVE an event! How do you HAVE an event if you haven't ever DONE an event? So, do you have the event, or are you Chicken?


So which came first? The Chicken, or the Event?


Don't be a CHICKEN! You look for someone that has already done a LOT of events, and have them help you!

What is an EVENT?

A thing that happens, especially one of importance. But truly, an event can be something as simplistic as a daily or weekly routine, to the the concert or social event of the year! And if YOU are planning an event, it MUST be attractive and engaging to your audience!

Let's Go Do Something! How many times have you said this, or your friends said this to you? Then you start sifting through your mind, scrolling social media, or talking with your friends just looking for ideas. THAT is exactly what consumers do! Now, all that YOU have to do is let them know that you have THE place to be and that they should NOT miss this event!

In this world of fragmented messaging and constant distractions, it is tougher than ever to promote your event. Of course you can create the "EVENT" online and post it with hopes that someone might see it, or better yet "share" it, but there is a lot more to the promotion and production than just that!

Events seem simple up front. You throw a party, invite some people, and you reap the benefits! But there are SO MANY details in the background that can cause you undue stress, and frustrations. These details are often times overlooked and may result in a misguided approach, or an unexpected result. Both of which can be devastating to any size of business!

Will your event be a fundraiser? Will it be an educational event? Could it be simply for awareness? Is your event for entertainment purposes? Or is your event an opportunity to introduce, display and sell products to a greater audience?

Whatever your event is about, it needs to engage, excite, and offer a purpose for those that will consider attending. In addition to that, you need to identify WHO is your audience and be able to reach those that will benefit most from your event. It also needs to be conducted in a manner that proves positive for the host.

What is important to YOUR audience? Let's find out!


Here's some very simple steps to an event planning list:

  1. What's your PURPOSE or CAUSE?

  2. What is your GOAL?

  3. Why should you NAME your event?

  4. Should you create a LOGO?

  5. What FACILITIES are needed? (location)

  6. What is your DATE(s) of the event?

  7. Where do you find staff and volunteers?

  8. What ACTIVITIES will be available?

  9. How do you attract outside VENDORS?

  10. How do you secure ENTERTAINMENT?

  11. What factors could impact your event?

  12. WHO will be the target audience?

  13. How will you get the word out?

  14. How do you get listed on search engines?

  15. What contingencies are required?

  16. Are PERMITS required?

  17. Where do you get the MONEY to put on this event?

  18. What will your event offer?

  19. How will your event LOOK to visitors?

  20. What will the attendee get from your event?

  21. How can you MEASURE success?

  22. How soon should you do another event?

These are all questions that you need to ask prior to having an event. So, after asking yourself these questions...where do you start?

Right HERE! Don't be "chicken" Jim Hern Productions at (614) 353-0854

Then we can discuss Marketing Avenues, Concept Development and Event Execution. But more importantly, about making your event experience engaging, fun, exciting and profitable!

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