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The Day The Music Died

Not the music itself, rather the delivery mechanism!

The Day The Music Died


Are podcasts taking over where music missed?

It is no wonder that radio stations are re-inventing themselves with "digital" offerings and and online access at an unparalleled rate! Consumer behavior has changed!

Remember the days when a "New Release" was announced? People would tune-in to hear it, talk about it, judge it, and then purchase the track, cut, album or single? Then you would hear it over, and over, and over again?

Those days are gone.

Although we all love to "jam" to some favorites, we all have playlists, and we want to keep up with what is "hot", the selections are slimming! Music has become like the movies...Rarely do we see anything new! It's rehashing of old ideas, oversampling, or direct rip-offs from older productions that flood the airwaves of current portals.

Now we see (hear) more content than ever with podcasts that are enriching our lives every day. We are gaining new icons to follow! Instead of looking for that "concert" tour, we are now watching where the "influencer" of choice will be appearing so we can catch them LIVE...and guess what, we do that from wherever we are.

Podcasts have been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, it was Radio as an industry that permitted the growth of an audience. People could tune-in at a given time of day to hear their favorite personality and enjoy the "connection" with those celebrities.

Now with technology permitting random access to the talent, content or stories we want, and whenever we want them, Radio has missed the opportunity.

In addition to random access, subscribers can be served new content as it becomes available! The consumption of this content is growing each and every second! New content is being uploaded at an alarming rate!

Music will always be a huge part of most of our lives, but the repetitive listen of the same thing over and over, has changed. We have not only adapted to the new available content, we now EXPECT to have fresh information daily! We want enriched and to gain something from our listening experience.

It was announced today that Spotify, one of the largest providers of music catalogs and custom playlists has just doubled down on the concept that podcasts are taking over! They just purchased Parcast and already bought Gimlet Media and Anchor, which are ALL podcast moguls with incredible content.

If this is not a statement that our wants are changing then I don't know what is! Prepare for the changes to be ready for the actions! Podcasting is the future of entertainment and will soon surpass music as an online consumption! It's only a matter of time before we see this type of entertainment have performers with groupies!

Advertisers are jumping on to these podcast superstars as fast as they can and are throwing money at the creators to get their brand tied to them! Where will you be when this takes center stage? Hopefully not attending the ceremonies for the passing of yet another media!

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