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Roadmap to Success- It's a recipe!

In advertising, you need to deliver information about your product or service to a specific audience. Finding that audience is the challenge! You have to discover where they spend their time and attention. Knowing all of these factors is the recipe for success!

But just when you think that you are ready to talk to a given audience, they move! Not just from one channel to another, but from one interest to another! And then different devices, at different times of the day! Add to all of that, the fragmented types of media from conventional TV networks and cable channels to social media platforms and digital programs. Consider all of the messages presented just going through your day-to-day routine, much less the entertainment options available on all sorts of devices.

To make a good cake, you need a great recipe. You could use a mixing bowl to bring them all together. Imagine gathering all of the dry ingredients and trying to put them in the bowl...while sitting on top of a high speed night...blindfolded.

That is basically what you are dealing with in today's media. Not only are there limitless media options, but there are also infinite "targets" because of geographic locations and demographic interests. TV, FaceBook, Netflix, Radio, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Magazines, Instagram, Twitter and about a billion other sources are bombarding every person with countless messages every second of every day!

So to begin with, define your geographic zone. Is it global, regional, or local?

Then determine your "target" or core demographic. This could be everything from age, race, sex, financial status or any other "category" that describes what your audience occupies their time with or has interest.

Now set your "goals" of what you want to accomplish, establish a budget and choose the proper way to reach your target audience.

You can't just create an "ad" and send it out to the World, (unless you are a Trillionaire with nothing else to do with your money, because you will be broke if you try) and hope it reaches them.

Many agencies are trying to tell you that your media mix should be approaching 50% digital with the remaining in "conventional" media. Now go try and find the CORRECT audience and spend wisely, but make sure it is the right audience that WANTS your product or service and they are listening or watching when you speak. And be prepared to adjust your spend based on social changes and the ever-changing desires of the consumer. Oh and know that consumer behavior will dictate what you can say, when you can say it, and how frequently you should say it! Confused?...Well, you should be!

But there is an answer!

When you are looking to reach this chosen audience, the secret is: You don't find THEM...they find YOU! They will hear about you, see your messages, and when they are ready, they'll find you...and your reviews!

So, in addition to a recipe of regular, consistent and memorable advertising messages delivered via any sensible media you can afford, it comes down to this last ingredient: "Actions speak louder than words."

Just do what you do, and do it with conviction with the customers' best interest in mind! Offer only an incredible experience online, on the phone, in person, or wherever you have contact with your customer. They will react and share their experience with others and your business will grow or fail depending on how you conduct yourself!

Customers are watching what you do, even if it is through the eyes of other customers (reviews) and they are watching you right NOW! Now go mix those ingredients for success and be better at what you do!

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