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I know what you did...

I know what you did last summer, last night, yesterday, today...

Whatever YOU do online, tells a little more about who YOU are!

Now, more than ever, you are being bombarded with messages every waking moment of the day, From the moment you look at your phone, to when you sit down to watch some videos, you'll get the idea. But you have to ask yourself, "How are they sending me ads and messages about things I actually want?"

Information is being gathered on you with every move you make! Not just were you shop, but even where you visit and things you view online. Even while you bare reading this very post!

But if you think it is all being done in the background, you would be mistaken! You are the one that builds most of your personal information. You will input more data about yourself than anyone (or anything) else in your life!

This is where you will hear the word - algorithm (pronounced ˈalɡəˌriT͟Həm) This word is defined by a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. In other words, things you do (actions) cause other related actions to be suggested or presented, and how you react to that action refines the suggestions event more. THIS is your personal algorithm.

You often times have to input your name and email to get an app, or be included in a promo, or to simply gain access to documents or sites. All of this information can be cross-referenced to other profiles of you that contain address, phone numbers, and even family information. The network of information is endless and growing with every stroke on your keyboard!

Add to that, the frequency and time you spend on certain sites reflects your desire and potential to purchase such products. The videos you view, events you engage with and even items you "like" on social media begin to tell a story of your fascinations and preference. This all builds a digital version of your existence.

The introduction of the voice-activated devices has taken all of this a giant leap forward! So don't dare read this out loud, but if you say "OK Google" or "Hey Alexa, Echo, or Siri" the data-build continues!

So if you simply "speak" about a product, item or service, anywhere near a device with a microphone, information is being gathered. When you perform a "search" then that is added to your stack of data as well. Even the process of buying groceries brings more info to your personal profile.

Truly, this is all made to give you a more "convenient" life. Your pizza toppings are already known so you can just swing by and pick up dinner without much delay. The type of movies you watch are pre-loaded so you can get your popcorn ready and nestle in for an evening of entertainment faster. Even your credit card information is stored so your shopping can be completed as fast and easy as possible! All of these functions (and more) will let things happen for you quickly so you can spend your time doing other things, like searching for cute kitty cats doing fun things.

You can't avoid it. This is your day-to-day life and as long as you are connected, and DESIRE these conveniences, the data will be gathered! You do have a choice. You can turn off all of your devices and never search for anything on your own devices by using a friends phone. But then you will be getting served random ads, entertainment and messages that have NOTHING to do with who you are or what you actually like!

So, in summary, EMBRACE it! Go and be YOURSELF online and when you speak. Carefully select "promos" to engage with and build your personal profiles with only the information required. It will only help to get you to the information and products that YOU want in your life, faster and more efficiently. Begin building the future you today!

Just be careful of WHO you let use YOUR devices, and how they might search for the "entertaining pussy cats" online!

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