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Laser & Wood Carving

Projects come in many shapes and sizes. All are absolutely one-of-a-kind! There are many needs and wants, and sometimes you don't even know WHAT you want. That's where I come in. I can help you find the exact item to satisfy your particular situation.



Dimensional Builds

Constructing items based ion unique specifications is a fun challenge! This box is built out of 3mm Basswood using NO nails or glue! The engraving can be an image anything desired. The finish can be stained, painted, or even left as natural wood!


Maps and Signs

Everyone has a "favorite" place. Many of us have connections to0 these places. Why not make it personal with a laser cut and engraved version of YOUR favorite place?




Wood gives such a warm feel to anything! Especially that of nostalgic content. Here is a hand-carved "Indian Head Nickle"



Imagine something that appeals to your passions, hobbies, or dreams. Now take it into another dimension with three-dimensional creations!

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