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Jim Hern


The Creative Guru in Central Ohio
Artist, Creative Events, Video Production, Illustration and even
Innovative Marketing Strategies to grow your business!

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Jim-Hern-Marketing Specialist

Creative Marketing is "pleasing the crowd" so everything that I do is about performance!

Be it analytical - measuring by detailed calculations of results, or purely emotional - through an event gauged by the size and reactions of the audience. It all comes down to getting results!

Creating Marketing Strategies, Developing Award-Winning Creative Campaigns, Organizing Events and generally running the distance in the creative productions rat race, I have engineered a lot of ideas for successful productions!

So, if you are searching for an Event Director, a Creative Artist, an IT Specialist (Innovative Thinker), or a CG specialist (Creative Guru), seek no further! I can be found right here answering challenges that have perplexed curious minds for ages! Just as an FYI, I create, design and publish all of my own digital properties, including this website.


I'll start from an empty stage (or a blank slate) and take you to "WOW!"

In addition to 30+ years of creative marketing, for corporations, and staying on the forefront of technology and trends, I have kept up with the creative ART in my life as well!

• Artwork • Illustration • Painting• Sketching • Wood Carving• Logo Design • Lessons • Writing• Laser Engraving • Events and More
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As a creative writer I have made my share of jingles, and written many stories that I've put toi music, but I truly enjoy strummin' my guitar and making people smile!

I am an ambassador of the Great State of Ohio and I love to share what I discover in the area. For that reason, I created "OhioJimbo" and when time permits, I enjoy hopping in my truck or on my motorcycle and seeing what I can find!

Jim-Hern-Creative-Ohio Travels
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